High quality programs for staff support in health and social care

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Welcome! Congratulations for being here! These sessions and programs are underpinned by a set of principles developed over four decades through care management, lecturing in health and social care, with practice research, combined with mindfulness practice, and uplifting creative approaches. 

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Increased wellbeing

Evaluation shows people feel better! The programs help alleviate stress and anxiety by focusing on what matters for individual staff. This significantly increases mental wellbeing, meaningful communication, and compassion.  Not only does this reduce staff sickness absence, it has a direct positive impact on raising standards of care.


Sessions and Programmes

Choose one of the popular programs or try a shorter version if you are not ready for the full learning experience.


Self Care to Care 

Awareness And Tips For Health And Social Care Staff

A 3-hour online session, to reconnect with your authentic self, outside of work-related stress and anxiety. Affirm varied and valuable approaches for your self care in ever-changing environments.   

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Positive Dementia Care

Awareness and Tips

An informative, uplifting and useful program about working positively with people living with dementia by author of Jessica Kingsley published dementia care books.  Affirm valuable insights into how symptoms can impact on daily life and families living with dementia. Equally important is learning to connect with people in ways that are empowering, meaningful and kind. 

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The Art of Caring For Self and Others 

The very nature of caring means staff are at risk of stress related illness and burnout. This 8-week live online program includes creative approaches to common issues raised by staff and managers. It increases self-care and compassion, which inspires a process of staff support systems. 

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Life, Death and Creativity

Also available as Life, Death and Puppetry for specialists. 

This refreshingly hands-on and uplifting 5-week program assumes a basic knowledge of psychology. You will be learning about tried and tested approaches to improving quality of life and increasing well-being through therapeutic arts (or puppetry) and creative connections in a wide range of settings.  

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Hi! I’m Karrie Marshall and I work with staff and managers to identify and facilitate effective staff support systems. I look forward to connecting with you ...

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Self-assessment tool to identify positive aspects and difficult aspects of health and social care along with current ways of managing this.  Also see the resources section. 

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