Karrie Marshall facilitates award winning health and social care practice empowering staff to be at their best for high-quality care standards. She developed and facilitated the Professional Development Awards for registered care managers; also recognised by the Care Inspectorate and HMI(education) for best practice.  Karrie’s work was highlighted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for tackling health inequalities. She received an Outstanding Achievement award for her work in third sector. Karrie is an international keynote speaker (UK, Canada, Japan, Sweden). Her passion for facilitating empowering programs is based on decades of understanding what works well and what hinders staff to be at their best. Karrie’s work (at individual, team and organizational levels) increases staff wellbeing, which in turn increases the wellbeing of people accessing services. 

What people say:

‘The programme goes deeper than most and yet there is a fun element to it. I noticed the difference this made to staff in the way they interacted with one another with more awareness and compassion. It’s opened my eyes to what genuine staff support means and how this creates a better service to be proud of.’ 

Manager (Community Care )

I was surprised by the holistic nature of the programme; the care for the individual, the team and identifying simple system changes that began a process we can continue with.’ 

Manager (NHS)

Some people have something that makes sense of all the confusion and stress - and in doing that they somehow transform your perspective, and you feel more confident about everything. That was my experience of Karrie Marshall.’

Staff (Community Care)